Virtual Tulip Experience

For the first time, there were more tulips in the City of Holland than visitors during the first week of May due to COVID-19. Like many festivals, the Tulip Time Festival was canceled for 2020. Each fall the City of Holland Parks Departments plants hundreds of thousands of tulips all over the city. The tulips didn't get the message that all the events were canceled and they filled the city with tulip blooms. We hope you enjoy this virtual visit to see our beautiful tulips and hope you plan a trip to see us in person soon!

Tulip Time Fundraiser

Please consider supporting the Tulip Time Festival organization. They are raising funds to rebuild and bring you programming for the 2021 festival. Click the photo above to make a contribution so we all can enjoy the Tulip Time Festival next year!


Have you experienced tulips in 360? On each page, there are several 360 videos like the one below. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you have the best viewing experience.
- When playing the video, click and drag the image to change your view.
- Click the small gear near the bottom right of the video to change your quality to the highest number to get the best image quality.
- If you are on a mobile device, visit in the YouTube app for the best experience.

Curious how we plant the tulip bulbs?  Many are planted by hand by our park staff and community volunteers. At Windmill Island approximately 55,000 tulip bulbs are planted in the field near the DeZwaan Windmill in just a few hours; check out how it's done in the video below!