College Ave;14th - 24th St

During the 2021 Construction season the City of Holland and Holland Board of Public Works will be reconstructing College Avenue between 14th and 24th Streets.  Project will include new watermain, new water services, storm drain improvements, curb & gutter, new sidewalks and sidewalk ramps, new driveway approaches and paving the roadway.

​• March 29th staff from transportation and the BPW held public meeting for the project to review project details, schedule, coordination and expectations during construction.

​• May 10th our contractor will start phase 1 construction (14th to 16th Street). The intersection of 16th & College will remain open throughout the project. ​• Tree removals will take place the week of 5/10 and include tree removals along the entire length of the project. ​• Project is scheduled for completion by August 30th.
​Please see document "College Ave Construction Information Postcard" for contact information.

Updated Project Phasing Schedule (College Avenue):
• Phase 1 – College Ave; 14th to 16th Street; Complete;
• Phase 2 – College Ave; 16th to 19th Street; Complete;
• Phase 3 – College Ave; 19th to 22nd Street; This phase is essentially complete.  Delaying last course of asphalt for electric utility undergrounding;
• Phase 4 – College Ave; 22nd to 24th Street; Complete by Late-October.  Delaying last course of asphalt for more of the utility undergrounding to take place before final course of asphalt is done for Phase 3 & 4.  Utility work will taking place likely to the end of November but road and everything else will be completed by the end of October.

Work within the intersection of 24th Street was moved ahead on the schedule (24th has been closed for the last 2 weeks) while the 22nd Street intersection remained open to traffic. On Saturday, 9/4, we are planning to reopen 24th Street. After Labor Day, we’ll close 22nd Street. Coordinating with schools, including Black River.  24th St intersection at College has been completed and open to traffic.  Restoration will be completed along with completion of Phase 4.

Public Meeting 03-29-21