Residential Refuse and Recycling Rates, and Billing

Weekly and monthly pickup service is available. Please call the Holland Board of Public Works at 616-355-1500 for service options.

Trash CanCurrent 2020-21 Rates

Effective July 1, 2020

  • 12 Bag Program: $11.45 per month
  • 24 Bag Program: $12.61 per month
  • 32 Gallon Container: $13.14 per month
  • 65 Gallon Container: $16.61 per month
  • 90 Gallon Container: $19.28 per month
  • Yard Waste: $16.20 per month for 8 months from April - November

Please note, yard waste is available on an annual subscription basis and may not be cancelled or suspended before the end of the season. All refuse/recycling services are billed monthly. Additional rate information cane found here.

Sign Up

To sign up for service please contact the Holland Board of Public Works at 616-355-1500.


All garbage service is billed monthly as part of your utility bill through the Holland Board of Public Works. Billing and Customer Service questions can be directed to them at 616-355-1550. 

For additional information, please visit Holland Board of Public Works's Customer Service page