Geographic Information System (GIS)

What We Do

Example Geographic Information System Map of the CityGeographic Information System (GIS) is used in many ways by City staff to make decisions. The primary responsibility of the GIS staff is to respond to requests for maps and data analysis. In addition, many resources have been made available to the public online.

What Is GIS

GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information System. A Geographic Information System is a computerized method of storing and analyzing location and other information about a specific object. An object can be a building, a parcel of land, a street, a zoning district, etc.

A GIS is made up of many different layers of information. The way these layers relate to each other and their associated properties is what gives a GIS its power. Analysis can be done on the relationships between the layers and how their characteristics are similar and different. In addition, the layers can be linked to external databases to increase the number of questions that can be answered.

GIS Services for the Public

In addition to responding to requests from City staff, several GIS resources have been made available to the public online. A wide variety of maps are available for downloading and an interactive mapping website allows more customizable viewing of maps and information.

Specific maps not found online are available to the public for a small fee to recoup printing costs. Please contact us if you would like more information or have a specific request.