Materials Management Taskforce


The City of Holland is seeking applicants to fill vacancies on its Materials Management Taskforce. If interested, please submit your appication to

Information and applications are available at City Hall or at the bottom of the page:

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Questions? Please contact Aaron Thelenwood, Solid Waste/Recycling & Sustainability Coordinator, at 616.355.1330 or email

The nine (9) member Materials Management Taskforce was appointed by the City’s Sustainability Committee (SusCom) to act in an advisory capacity to SusCom on the opportunities and procedures for supporting successful recycling & landfill diversion programs, practices, & policies throughout the City.  Applicants should have an interest or expertise in community engagement, materials management planning, waste stream analytics, supply chain management, or similarly related experience.

The Taskforce will serve a minimum of one year, not to exceed two without re-authorization by SusCom after two years.   There is a City residency requirement for certain positions on this Taskforce; however, residency is a plus for all positions. The Committee will meet as determined necessary by SusCom.

 The Materials Management Taskforce was appointed for the following reasons: 

  1. Review the findings of the City’s first Waste Characterization Audit (completed in October 2018);
  2. Recognize the value of effectively managing the City’s recycling & waste streams as an economic development force;
  3. Identify opportunities to increase landfill diversion throughout the community;
  4. Identify internal & external barriers to effective recycling and landfill diversion practices;
  5. Propose challenging goals, based on data, for increasing the City’s recycling & diversion rates;
  6. Determine the viability of alternative approaches focused on increasing landfill diversion rates, beyond standard recycling;
  7. Actively review and evaluate current and proposed regional, State, and national policies or market trends and their potential impact on the City’s recycling/refuse program;
  8. Propose program and policy solutions focused on increasing recycling & landfill diversion to the City’s Sustainability Committee (SusCom);
  9. Encourage effective recycling and landfill diversion practices throughout the community;
  10. Engage others throughout the community who are involved in or interested in current landfill diversion practices throughout the City as well as alternative options;
  11. Serve as a community forum for the exchange of ideas and solutions concerning increasing recycling & landfill diversion throughout the community as well as increasing access to such programs;
  12. Assist in the implementation of recycling & landfill diversion policies, programs and best practices as approved by SusCom & adopted by the City.

The Materials Management Taskforce shall be comprised of nine (9) members to be appointed by the Sustainability Committee as follows:

  • One (1) member of the City Council;
  • Two (2) member of the representatives of the general public;
  • One (1) representative of the City’s designated Solid Waste/Recycling Consultant (SRG);
  • One (1) representative of the City’s designated Waste Hauler (Republic Services);
  • One (1) representative with professional experience in Materials Management Planning, Solid Waste/ Recycling industries, Supply Chain Management; or similar background;
  • Up to three (3) Members of the City’s Sustainability Committee.

Membership Term

The Materials Management Taskforce’s term should be consistent with the City’s fiscal year, i.e., expiring on June 30.

Members are appointed for a minimum of 1 year, but not exceeding 2, subject to possible re-appointment and are required to attend meetings on an as-needed basis.

Membership List

  • Myron Trethewey (City Council)
  • Tom Mahoney (Republic Services)
  • Bill Stough (Sustainable Research Group
  • Molly Sherwood (City Resident)
  • Vacant (Citizen Representative #2)
  • Dan Broersma (Goodwill Industries)
  • Jerry Tonini (SusCom)
  • Carolyn Ulstad(SusCom)
  • Colleen Nagel (SusCom)
  • Aaron Thelenwood (City liaison)
  • Jasmine Hudson (BPW liaison)

Positions Currently Open for Recruitment & Descriptions:

General Public Representative (# of Positions - 1):

The ideal candidate for this role will have demonstrable experience in working with Holland Citizens from a diverse range of social, racial, and economic backgrounds. A background in social justice, community outreach, community engagement, or some similar set of experiences is a plus. Residents with a background in Recycling will also be considered. Representatives serving in this capacity will be the Taskforce’s eyes and ears into the experiences of those most affected by City policies. City residency is required for this position.

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