HYAC (Holland Youth Advisory Council) consists of the Core Council and three Sub-Committees: Recreation, Social Services, and Environmental. These committees consist of 7-10 area high school students from Holland High, Holland Christian, Black River & West Ottawa.

Core Council: They act as the Executive Branch of HYAC.

Core Council Members: Abby Mulder, Andrew Ky, Carly Caudill, Claire Balcer, Danielle Vorac, Diamante Balcazar, Diego Felix_Trejo, Esli Mendoza, Josh Laux, Maddison Allen, Mariel VanderSchuur, Reilly Shuff, Ryan Lindberg, Wyatt Oonk

Recreation: Their main focus is to plan fun events for youth. Partnering with Herrick District Library, they sponsor the Photo Scavenger Hunt and this past year they organized Holland's first Easter Egg Hunt at Moran Park.

Recreation Members: Ryan Lindberg, Jackie Roman, Maya Cooper, Greta Davis, Annika Williams, Selena Vasquez, Andrea Essenberg, Braden Griffin, Catherine Wang & Emily Johnson

Social Services: This subcommittee addresses issues of social concern to youth and the Council. They are currently working on a project that would provide a birthday box for children living at Resilience. Last year, they teamed with the Parks & Recreation Department to organize the "Senior Prom" for those 55 years of age and better.

Social Services MembersEmma Sanders, Wyatt Oonk, Andrew Ky, Audrey Luce, Evan Gross, Lydia Foy, Eshan Rajani, Sarah Brown, Audrey Luce and Duncan Kamara-Hagemeyer

Environmental CommitteeThis is a new committee formed to address the environmental needs of the community including water pollution, beach clean-up, recycling and waste management. They had their first beach clean-up at Holland State Park this fall.

Environmental Committee Members: Danielle Vorac, Hadley Vande Vusse, Audrey Van Huis, Stella Goodrich, Samantha Fennema, Ellen Ai, Duncan Kamara-Hagemeyer, Lily Sharp and Jae Woo Han

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