Stage 1 - Birth to at least 2 years

Rear facing car seat with a toddler in itChildren are best protected riding in a rear facing- car seat as long as possible. Michigan does not have a standard of when a child may turn around. All babies and and toddlers should ride in rear-facing car seats until they reach the highest wight or height limit allowed by the car seat (check manual or stickers on the side of the seat).

Proper use /installation of rear facing car seats is as follows:

  • Harness Straps: at or below shoulder level
  • Harness clip: always at armpit level
  • Strap: snug with no slack on shoulder or hip area
  • Angle: use an angle indicator on seat or base to determine proper recline
  • Installation: less than 1 inch of movement when tested at the seat belt path; use Either a locked seat belt or an approved LATCH position Never both
  • In Vehicle: rear-facing in the back seat, never in front of an active front air bag