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Van Bragt Park

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  1. Fishing
  2. Parking
  3. Pedestrian Walkways
  4. Water


This is a dog friendly park.


Based upon William Connelly’s idea, this facility was developed in 1934 to be used as a tulip bed for the annual Tulip Time Festival. The park was originally called Lakeview Park. For a few years the “blessing of the tulips” occurred at this site during the winter, in order to pray for a bountiful tulip crop for the Tulip Time Festival.

A replica of Mr. W. K. Kellogg’s thatch roof windmill located at his estate in Gull Lake, Michigan was built at this site for the Tulip Time Festival. John Harmsen built the windmill at this facility. It was a miniature version of windmills in the Netherlands.

John Van Bragt

This site was renamed after John Van Bragt, Holland’s first Park Superintendent on April 6, 1966. Mr. Van Bragt served as Park Superintendent for 24 years. During his service, he developed the facility out of swampland. He designed the trails at this site. He also planted the trees, shrubbery, and thousands of tulips along the trails at this facility.


This park is the most heavily landscaped entrance to the City and attracts tourists, fisherman, nearby employees and people wanting to relax or picnic.
  • Benches
  • Walkways
  • Windmill
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