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Nomination for Social Justice Award 2022

  1. Nomination for Social Justice Award 2022
  2. The City of Holland Human Relations Commission’s annual Social Justice Awards recognize individuals or organizations who exemplify the virtues of social justice by promoting equal opportunity and equal access for all citizens in the areas of Housing, Education, Employment, Government/Community Relations, and Health Services. The Social Justice Awards also has a Youth category for students ages 13-19. (The SJA Youth Nomination form can be found here.) The 2022 winners will be announced in early January, 2023, at an awards ceremony at City Hall. Please answer all the questions on this nomination form and submit it no later than Friday, December 2, 2022.

  3. Honor your nominee by providing the strongest nomination possible. Be sure to complete all sections of this application, identify acronyms, and provide links to outside sources (articles, web sites, etc).  Contact the Human Relations Department if you have questions or need assistance completing the nomination form: or call 616-355-1324. 

  4. Is the nominee being recognized for her/her choice of career? If yes, explain how they exceed in their role. If no, explain how the service impacts areas outside of his/her current speciality.
  5. Please provide special considerations that should be noted as the application is reviewed. You may include a photograph of your nominee or any articles related to the work of the nominee.
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