CEP Strategic Development Team 2021


The purpose of the SDT is to recommend, to City Council, strategic initiatives, and metrics on interim goals (3-5 years) to achieve the CEP’s primary goals:

  • Ensure economic competitiveness
  • Provide reliable and affordable energy
  • Protect the environment

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.   Minutes are available following approval.

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SDT Meetings are live-streamed, and recordings are available for subsequent viewing on the City’s website at 

https://www.cityofholland.com/675/Government-Channel and can be accessed through these websites https://vimeo.com/cityofholland and https://vimeo.com/channels/1633433

Who We Are?

The Holland Community Energy Plan (CEP) Strategic Development Team (SDT), a workgroup composed of community, higher education, Holland BPW, and City Council representatives, is appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council.

Work Group Charter

The SDT will

  • Study, identify, and recommend transformational and incremental goals and strategies
  • Assess market, technology, and social trends as it relates to Holland and the CEP
  • Gather and use community input to determine priorities, due dates, and metrics
  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Review reports and monitor progress on the key metrics in the CEP

SDT Roster

The SDT is supported by the City Manager and Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) General Manager. 


The SDT is composed of: 


City Council Member                                                  Scott Corbin 

HBPW Board President                                              Tim Hemingway

HBPW Board Member                                                PJ Thompson

Hope College Representative                                    Jeff Christians

City Council Sustainability Committee Liaison           Nicki Arendshorst

Citizen Representative                                               Boyd Feltman

Citizen Representative                                               Brian Pageau

Citizen Representative                                               Travis Williams


If you would like to send a message to all SDT members, please email sdtpubliccomment@cityofholland.com.   

Background & History

The Community Energy Plan (CEP) was developed in 2010, addressing potential strategies to ensure that Holland is an energy-efficient city.   The CEP is reviewed and revised every three to five years.

Community Comparison

The SDT conducted a benchmarking process to understand the City of Holland's performance and identify effective strategies.  Focus communities, similar to Holland with exemplary performance in sustainability efforts, were analyzed.  An internal review was also done that revealed indicators that make Holland unique.


The SDT established key levers that identify areas of focus for the CEP.  Each lever is defined with goals, targets, and strategies that can help guide community actions and choices.


Glossary of Terms

The following document is a summary of selected terms and abbreviations used in the Strategic Development Team Report.  In some cases, terms are defined in the body of the text and may not be repeated here (link to the document)

Resources Document

The SDT members received a Resources Document for reference.  The sources of this information are wide-ranging, but many of them are documents that have previously been discussed by the previous SDT process and come straight from the Community Energy Plan.  The Resources document is a document that will be updated periodically.