Engineering Division

Engineering staff is responsible for developing new construction plans and maintenance schedules for the city's street, sidewalk, and storm drain systems. Along with plan development, the division oversees a project's construction or implementation stage. 

Streets Right of Way

Because the street, sidewalk, and storm drain systems share the street rights of way with:

  • Cablevision Utilities
  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Telephone
  • Water

A high level of coordination is necessary.

Holland Board of Public Works (BPW)

Sanitary sewer, water, and electrical services are municipal utilities administered by the Holland Board of Public Works (BPW), and street projects involve particularly intensive cooperation with the BPW. In projects such as the 18th and 40th Street reconstruction projects, the BPW determined that roadway reconstruction is also the appropriate time to rebuild their underground utilities. 

Conversely, the BPW has initiated a program of replacing leaking sewers in many older central city neighborhoods, and engineering staff has joined forces to use the opportunity to completely reconstruct older city streets.

Typical Summer Projects

  • Resurfacing - Milling and Paving of selected roads. It is the City's goal to repave a road every 20 years.
  • Sidewalk Fill-In the Gaps - This is done only as directed by City Council.
  • Sidewalk Repair Program - The City repairs sidewalk segments that are defective from age, tree roots or normal wear and tear. Homeowners are responsible for the sidewalk that they damage.

Repository for Plans & Records

In addition to designing and implementing construction projects, the Engineering office serves as the repository for plans and records of:

  • Hydrological information
  • Past construction projects
  • Plats
  • Soil boring information
  • Survey data
  • Traffic studies and other resource material related to the street system or community as a whole