Strategic Plan: Parks, Rec & Transportation

This Parks, Recreation and Transportation Strategic Plan was initiated by the City  Manager to determine a long-range funding and administrative approach in lieu of Jodi Syens' retirement as the joint Department supervisor. The plan was initiated in January 2014. The bulk of the work was done in the summer of 2014 and winter of 2015. The finishing touches were put on the plan in the fall of 2015. The initial findings were to separate the two departments in terms of management, yet collaborate even more.  This resulted in both Andy Kenyon and Brian White being promoted to the position of Department Director in January 2015. Collaboration on snow plowing, leaf pick up, storm clean up continues to grow. Other changes made were to purchase a second wing plow truck, revise break times, creation of a Projects Engineer position now funded, creation of a mid-management position at Parks from Windmill Island Gardens, creation of a cross-trained Parks/City Hall Custodian position, and adjusting seasonal pay to keep quality employees into the fall.

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