Citizen's Guide to the City of Holland's Finances

The Citizefinance_picn's Guide was created to provide a more transparent understanding of the City’s finances. Using the tabs provided, you will be able to look at items such as; Revenues, Expenditures, Position (fund balance), Obligations (long term debt); detailed information; and our Fiscal Scorecard. This information can be further broken down by fund type and year, using the drop down menus provided toward the top of the screen. To see the Citizen's Guide please click the link below.

The Performance Dashboard was created to provide a quick look at how well the city is performing in four key areas that may affect you and your family: Fiscal Stability; Economic Strength; Public Safety; and Quality of Life. The dashboard will show the City’s progress from one year to the next indicating whether the City’s performance is: improving; declining; or remaining neutral.  To see the Performance Dashboard please click the link below.

The Projected Budget Report shows expected revenues and expenditures for fiscal years 2016 through 2024. This spreadsheet was created to provide an easy to understand overview of the City’s revenue sources and expenditure items and how they are expected to change in the coming years. Changes in revenues and expenditures are expressed as a plus or minus percentage from the preceding year to indicate the anticipated change. Several assumptions had to be made when creating this document, those assumptions are located at the bottom of the page.

The Debt Service Report provides information regarding debt obligations of the City of Holland.

For expanded information regarding the City's long term debt, as well as inforamtion regarding all other funds, action plans and operations of the City of Holland, please refer to the fiscal year 2019 budget by following the link on the Finance Department Home Page.

The Consolidation of Services Plan was created to fulfill part of the State of Michigan Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP) requirements.  The City of Holland has a rich history of collaborative efforts with the larger Holland community, both with neighboring governments as well as other groups attempting to improve the quality of life to our citizens.  This Consolidation of Service Plan articulates some of the past accomplishments including the cost savings provided as well as looks to future efforts in streamlining services to our citizens both internally (City of Holland departments) and externally (collaboration with other governmental units).

Created to fulfill part of the State of Michigan Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP) requirements, this Employee Compensation Plan meets the requirements of State of Michigan Public Act 63 of 2011 to qualify for payments under the economic vitality incentive program established by the Act.