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Use of City Facilities - Application

  3. Application Fee*
  4. Mail or drop off payment at the City Clerk's office. Applicant will be invoiced separately for officers, barricades, and other permits, if required for event.
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  6. Will Event Include Use of the Kollen Park Band Shell? (only available for non-profit applicants)*
    *If yes, complete the Use of Band Shell Application.
  7. Will Event Include a Parade, Walk, Run, or Use of Right-of-Way?*
    *If yes, complete Right-of-Way Permit below and include a map of the route
  8. Will Event Require Travel Through 8th St Marketplace*
  9. Will Event Start/End in Civic Center Parking Lot?*

    *If yes, additional fees from the Holland Civic Center Place may apply. 

  10. Will Event Require Access to Restrooms at the Holland Civic Center Place*

    *If yes, additional fees from the Holland Civic Center Place will apply.

  11. Will You Require Electricity for Your Event?*
  12. Will Signage be Used?*
    *If yes, complete the City Event Signage Application.
  13. Are You Requesting Approval for Tents or Other Temporary Structures? *
    *If yes, list number and sizes
  14. Are You Requesting Approval to Bring in Any Other Items (Chairs, Tables, Stage, etc.)?*
    *If Yes, list items
  15. Will You be Requesting Approval for the Sale/Serving of Alcohol?*
    *If yes, please also review the separate policy and application process.
  16. Will You be Serving Food at Your Event?*
    *If yes, it is your responsibility to contact the County in which the event will be held for foodservice licensing. Ottawa: 616-393-5645 Allegan 269-686-4505
  17. A Certificate of General Liability Insurance, which states, "The City of Holland, its officers, agents and employees are named as additional insureds. Subrogation against the City is waived, and its officials agents and employees." must be submitted with the application. The minimum amount is $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate. All parties involved in conducting the event shall also be named as additional insureds.
  18. Electronic Signature *
    Certain events may require the need for police officers for crowd and traffic control and to ensure all required provisions are met. Security requirements will be determined by the Holland Public Safety – Police Division which may include hiring regular or reserve police officers. The criteria established by the Director of Public Safety must be accepted and followed. The applicant/sponsor will be required to pay for the officers for the event. During certain circumstances a deposit may be required.
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  21. Does the Event Include a Run, Walk, Parade or Activity Using City Streets, Sidewalks, Parking Area or Right-of-Way?*
  22. Options for applicants holding a walk or run that requires Holland Police Reserves for traffic control:

    Choose one of the 5 pre-selected routes around the City. These are all 5K in distance, have parks or schools that are on the routes for start and finish lines, and are the most economical in price. The fee for these pre-selected routes is $45.00 an hour per officer, minimum of 2 hours. If the run or walk occurs on a holiday, the fee is $67.50 an hour per officer, minimum of 2 hours. 

    For a custom route, the fee is $67.50 an hour per officer, minimum of 2 hours, and if it is on a holiday, the fee is $101.25 an hour per officer, minimum of 2 hours. For City of Holland Department events, contact Sgt. Jon Boeve for pricing: or 616-355-1737.

  23. For any applicant looking to use Windmill Island including the causeway please note the following:

    All events/runs seeking to utilize Route 5 or other use of Windmill Island Gardens (including the causeway/parking lot) must receive approval of their plan from Windmill Island Gardens staff before submitting an application. As a self-supporting park with paid admission and frequent special events, use of the park (including causeway) may be considered a rental of the facility and subject to relevant fees. Please direct questions to

  24. Will the event require use of a loud speaker or other sound amplifying device?*

    *If yes, complete the Use of Sound Device Permit section below.

  25. The applicant will be billed by the Public Safety Department for officers and any and all necessary traffic control devices, including street closed signs, barrels and/or barricades., This includes the cost of personnel and vehicles for delivering, posting, and/or picking up such traffic control devices.

    All conditions or requirements pertaining to this event will be attached to the approved application. If you have any questions regarding the conditions or the responsibility of the Public Safety Department, please contact Sgt. Jon Boeve, or 616-355-1737.

  26. Temporary Use of Loud Speakers or Sound Amplifying Devices Permit

    Section 19-6 of the City Ordinance requires that a permit must be obtained for all events that will operate a loud-speaking device for outside events that occur within the City of Holland.  When this application is approved and signed by the Chief of Public Safety and City Manager, it serves as the permit for the event. 

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  29. This Section is for Internal Use Only
  30. Approval is subject to the following regulations in accordance with Section 19-6 of the City Code:
    Signs may be carried for demonstration purposes; however, if you want to post signs in a park for a public demonstration, wedding, etc., prior City Council approval is required (allow 4-6 weeks).
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    (Parades, Runs, Walks, and Other uses of public rights-of-way, including sidewalks and parking lots) All Parades conducted in the City require a permit, in accordance with City Ordinance No. 1393, Sec. 18-20. A Permit will be granted upon approval by the Chief of Public Safety and the City Clerk, and after payment of Parade Permit Fee, as established by resolution of City Council.

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  35. Type of Event *
  36. Event Will Take Place On*
  37. Electronic Signature*
    Use of the Kollen Park Band Shell is limited to City of Holland events or events co-sponsored by a Department of the City of Holland. Permission to use the Kollen Park Band Shell may be granted if an applicant demonstrates how a proposed event promotes the City’s mission and also that of a co-sponsoring City Department. Upon approval by the co-sponsoring Department Director, the applicant must submit a signed copy of the Use of Band Shell application along with a completed Use of City Facilities application to the City Clerk’s office requesting event approval. The applicant is required to pay the Use of City Facilities application fee as well as any other costs that may be assessed for the event. Use of the Band Shell includes the Shell only; loud-speaking system, chairs and other equipment must be supplied by the applicant
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  40. Electronic Signature*
  41. City Hall - 2nd Floor, 270 S. River Ave., Holland, MI 49423 or Fax: (616) 355-1490 Attn: City Clerk's Office
    Various maps of Holland City and Holland Parks are available on our website. Use the Miscellaneous City Maps link below to access these. For applicants holding a walk, run or parade, you may find the USA Track & Field website link below helpful to map your route. Start by entering 49423 in the ZIP code box. Print a copy of your route and submit it with your application. For applicants holding an event in a park, you may find the Ottawa County website helpful. Use the link below to find a park and diagram your event set-up. Print a copy of your map and submit it with your application.
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