Small Cell Wireless Permit

The City of Holland, as required by the State of Michigan, must process and issue permits for small cell wireless facilities for uses in public space.

Section 7-62.1 Small Cell Wireless Facilities of the City of Holland requires any person seeking to collocate a small wireless facility in the public right-of-way or to install, mount, modify, operate, or replace wireless facilities on or adjacent to a wireless support structure or utility pole to submit an application to the City Manager’s Office for a permit. This application is required to receive a permit.

Ordinance Link

Small-cell facilities are typically comprised of antennas, associated wireless equipment, and supplementary equipment. Following this process will facilitate the installation of small-cell facilities within the public right-of-way on the Holland Board of Public Works-owned utility poles, and privately owned-network node support poles.

Listed below is the link to gain access to the Application in order to seek a permit.

Application for Small-Call Facilities