City of Holland Citizen Survey Results

2022 Citizen Survey by Hope College The Frost Center

September 2022

The Frost Research Center at Hope College will be conducting a telephone survey on behalf of the City of Holland, to gain an understanding of City residents' opinions of a variety of Holland City public services and issues.  Telephone numbers, both landlines and cell phones, will be called randomly, and residents will be invited to participate in a 15-minute telephone survey.  All information provided during the course of the study will be confidential and only reported to City officials in group form.

 It is anticipated that the phone calls for the survey will begin in September and may last for 2-3 weeks, depending on the level of response received.  Holland City Council encourages all residents who receive a call to take the time to respond thoughtfully to the survey.  The survey will help City leaders better understand the community’s needs, priorities, and concerns.

Contact Information: 

City Manager Keith Van Beek



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