City of Holland 2022 Resident Survey Results

2022 Resident Survey conducted by Frost Center for Data and Research at Hope College

Executive Summary

The City of Holland partners with Frost Center for Data and Research at Hope College to conduct a biennial survey measuring residents’ experiences, which are used to help guide future city planning and services. This summary provides aggregate results from the 2022 Resident Survey as well as longitudinal data to compare resident responses over time. A Tableau dashboard created by Frost Center and hosted by Hope College presents survey questions in an interactive format in which the user can compare survey item responses by various filter variables, such as age, education, ethnicity, race, home ownership, and housing affordability.

Study Methods

Frost Center used a random sampling approach to conduct this study, making telephone calls to a random sample of 5,876 City of Holland residents who were at least 18 years of age. Of these, 2,076 were landline numbers and 3,800 were cell phone numbers. The final sample includes 379 residents who completed the survey.

The City of Holland 2022 Resident Survey is linked below with appendices following:

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