About HCTV

catv-7The City of Holland is pleased to provide the community with quality cable public access television on three channels and online.  HCTV offers a window into the places, events, people and topics in the community of Holland.

Many city government meetings are broadcast live (including meetings of the city council and planning commission).  Also, community events from downtown activities to Tulip Time are also broadcast.  In addition to programming created by the City of Holland, area nonprofit organizations and churches can submit broadcast ready content for broadcast. 

Public Channel - Comcast 24 (916) or 85.24 and AT&T U-verse channel 99

Educational Channel - Comcast 25 (917) or 85.25

Government Channel - Comcast 26 (918) or 85.26 and AT&T U-verse channel 99

Roku: Holland Cable TV

Vimeo Page - vimeo.com/cityofholland/channels

YouTube Channel - youtube.com/cityofholland