Rental Certification & Licensing Guide

House ImageThe City of Holland offers several types of certificates and licenses for different types of rental activities. Use the descriptions below to determine what kind of license and, or certificate you need. Includes: Monthly / Annual, Roomers & Boarders, Hotel / Motel, Bed & Breakfast, and Short Term Rentals.

 Rental Certificate of Compliance for:

Public Lodging License for:

Short Term Rentals:

  • Short Term Rental (aka "Airbnb") – A dwelling unit offered for rent in part or in its entirety for less than 30 consecutive days per occupant. A Short Term Rental Certificate of Compliance is required. Click on the links below for more information about Short Term Rentals.

    1. Owner Occupied - This is the owner’s primary residence. One room may be rented while the owner lives there, or the entire home while they are away. This is allowed in any zone district. 

    2. Investor Owned - The owner does not live here, and they rent the entire home to visitors. This is often a vacation home or second home. This is allowed:
      - In any Commercial, PRD, PUD zone district; OR
      - In a Residential zone (R-1, R-2, R-TRN) with a maximum of 25 properties(*), and a 500 foot separation distance.

      • * We have reached our maximum capacity of 25 Investor Owned Short Term Rentals allowed in residential zones within the City of Holland.

    3. Tulip Time - A dwelling that is offered in part or in its entirety for not more than 10 days during the designated Tulip Time festival in May. No inspection or certificate are required.


  • Residential Care Facilities – An adult foster care facility or residential facility for the care, treatment or rehabilitation of persons with physical, mental or social-emotional disorders, when licensed and inspected by the State of Michigan.
  • Tulip Time Short Term Rentals