Voter idNew Voter Information Cards

All City of Holland registered voters will be sent new Voter Information Cards in the mail soon. The cards are for the convenience of the voter to inform them of the various districts in which they live, such as US Congress, State Senate, and School. The cards also include the name and location of the polling place for the voter.

As a result of the decennial census and redistricting in Michigan, all the districts for the City of Holland have been renumbered and some ward boundaries were changed to reflect population shifts within the City. No polling locations changed, although a small number of voters have been re-assigned into a different ward and must now vote at a different location. Be sure to read the information in the shaded area of the Voter Information Card to confirm your polling location.

2022 Elections

August 2 - Primary - Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, US Representatives, MI Senators, MI Representatives, Judges, State Boards of Education, Judges, County Commissioners
November 8 - General Election (for all the offices from the August Primary)

Sample ballots will be available before each election.

Additional Hours for Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Requests

The City Clerk's office will be open the Saturday before each election from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm to register voters and issue absentee ballots.

Vote by Absentee Ballot

Sign and date an application and return it to the City Clerk personnel in the City Hall Lobby.

Applications are available on our website at the Absentee Voting tab at the upper left of this page or by going to michigan.gov/vote.

Vote In Person

Polls will be open on Election Day from 7:00 am - 8:00 pm. Polling locations are listed below.
Please take a photo ID to the polls.

Annual Elections

General Elections are held every year on the first Tuesday between November 2 and 8. In addition, Local or State elections may take place during the year: there is usually an election the first Tuesday between August 2 and 8, sometimes an election in May, and Presidential Primaries in March of Presidential Election years.

The City Clerk’s office oversees all elections in the City of Holland, working in coordination with the Ottawa County and Allegan County Clerks. All election results can be found on the Ottawa County Clerk’s website.

Please remember to take your photo ID to the polling place or to the Clerk’s office when requesting a ballot.

Wards & Precincts

The City of Holland is divided into 6 Wards, which are made up of 15 Precincts. The City limits span parts of both Ottawa and Allegan Counties. A registered voter must vote at the polling location for his or her own precinct, which is determined by the voter’s address. Check the Ward-Precinct map below to determine your Ward and Precinct. 

Ward, PrecinctPolling Location
Ward 1, Precincts 1, 2, 3 (Ottawa)Holland Heights Christian Reformed Church
836 E 8th Street
Holland, MI 49423
Ward 2, Precincts 4, 5 (Ottawa)Hope Church
77 W 11th Street
Holland, MI 49423
Ward 3, Precincts 6, 7 (Ottawa)Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland
435 Van Raalte Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Ward 4, Precincts 8, 10 (Ottawa)
Precinct 9 (Allegan)
Calvary Baptist Church
517 W 32nd Street
Holland, MI 49423
Ward 5, Precincts 11, 12, 13 (Allegan)Maplewood Reformed Church
133 E 34th Street
Holland, MI 49423
Ward 6, Precincts 14, 15 (Ottawa)First Reformed Church
630 State Street
Holland, MI 49423

Election Security

The Ottawa County Clerk’s office has extensive information on how votes are counted and the safety and security of voting in Michigan. Find more information at www.miottawa.org/securingthevote.

Additional Information

For more information about elections or to check your registered voter status online, visit the State of Michigan Voter website and the League of Women Voters website.

New Voter Information Cards

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