Election Inspectors

People who work at the polls or voting locations on election day are called Election Inspectors. The City of Holland is always seeking additional Election Inspectors. Inspectors are paid for their work as well as for any required training.

​To be an Inspector, a person must be a registered voter in the state of Michigan or a student who is as least 16 years old.
​Inspectors must attend training for certification that is good for 2 years. Most often, the training is done by the Ottawa County Clerk's office, since they oversee elections for the City of Holland. Additional training may be offered to Inspectors who will be using the electronic pollbook or who serve as precinct chair people.

​To be an Election Inspector, complete the application found in the Election Inspector Packet. Return the completed pages along with required ID's and documents to the Clerk's office, and fill out the Federal W4 and the Michigan W4 when you stop in. Applications are also available in the Clerk's office.

Election Inspector Application