Traffic Team

White Police CruiserInnovation has been the keyword for the Traffic Team and its efforts to increase seat belt usage and drunk driving enforcement. Special enforcement and educational programs have increased the use of seatbelts in our area. Also, coordinated drunk driving (OWI) sweeps with surrounding agencies have increased arrest numbers and public awareness.

Holland City Code Enforcement Program

The Traffic Team also coordinates the Holland City Code Enforcement Programs which include: 

  • Community Service Officers
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Parks Patrols
  • Transportation Depot Security Detail


The Traffic Team consists of four Patrol Officers and a Supervisor, Sergeant Dan Kender. These Officers are selected for their knowledge of traffic law, traffic crash investigation, traffic engineering, and being able to develop Police Operations policies related to traffic matters all Traffic Officers have training in crash investigation and reconstruction through Michigan State University.

Additionally, members of the unit are very active in public information and educational appearances to promote traffic safety and awareness.