Gun Information

License to Purchase Handguns (LTP)

If purchasing a firearm, not from an FFL dealer, applicants will need to come to the department in person, fill out an application, pay a notary fee, and have a valid photo ID. The approval process will take approximately two days. 

  • The purchaser of the LTP is required to return a copy of the license to purchase to HDPS within 10 calendar days of acquiring the handgun.  Failure to do so well result in a civil infraction being issued with fines up to $250.00 for noncompliance.  The purchaser can return the copy in person or by first class or certified mail. 
  • The owner of the pistol is required to carry his/her copy of the LTP with them for 30 days if they are carrying, transporting or possessing that pistol. After 30 days they are not required to carry the form. 

Public Notice of Intent to Dispose of Firearms 

The information below identifies firearm(s) confiscated by Holland Department of Public Safety and will be turned over to the Michigan State Police (MSP) pursuant to MCL 28.434 and MCL 750.239.

List of weapons to be destroyed April 2023 - (public notice date 02-17-2023)

If you are claiming ownership of any firearm(s) listed, please write or call within thirty (30) days of the date of public notice. In addition to your ownership claim, you must be authorized to possess firearms.

If no valid ownership claim is received by Holland Department of Public Safety within thirty (30) days of the date of public notice, the firearm(s) listed above will be sent to MSP for destruction.

Firearm(s) listed above are not for sale.

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