What a Pothole Is

A pothole, sometimes called a chuckhole, is a type of disruption in the surface of a roadway where a portion of the road material has broken away, leaving a hole. Potholes can be formed due to fatigue of the road surface. As fatigue fractures develop they typically interlock in a pattern known as "alligator cracking".

Formation of Potholes

The formation of potholes is exacerbated by low temperatures, as the water expands when it freezes to form ice and puts greater stress on cracks in the pavement or road. Once a pothole forms, it may grow through continued removal of broken chunks of pavement. In cold climates, potholes tend to form most often during spring months when the ground is saturated.

Reporting a Pothole

Motorists can do everyone a favor by reporting potholes promptly to the proper road agency. View the map (JPG) to determine where to report a pothole. Potholes within the City of Holland Limits should be reported to the Department of Transportation Services at 616-928-2400. you can also fill out the REPORT A POTHOLE Form. 

If your vehicle was damaged by a pothole you may file a claim (PDF) against the City. 

Additional Information

Please be advised that, under governmental immunity laws MCL 691.1401(e) and (f), MCL 691.1402 and MCL 691.1403, you must show that there was failure to repair and maintain the physical structure of the road bed in order to prove a road defect claim. You also must show that the City knew of the condition and had an opportunity to repair it, or that the condition existed for more than 30 days.