Spring Clean Up For City Residents

Event Title: Spring Clean-Up Program-City Residents
Date/Time: March 11 to April 9, 2023
Location: Holland City Streets


Holland's Annual Spring Clean-Up Program has been scheduled for
March 11, 2023 through April 9, 2023.  

Residents may rake yard clippings, shrub trimmings, wind-blown twigs, and small branches into the curb or road shoulders for pickup by City Street Department Crews.

Heavy limbs, stumps, garbage, and refuse in bags will not be removed and must be disposed of by other means.

Please note that refuse piles left in yard areas cannot be picked up due to the potential damage to yards, sprinkler systems, or landscaping by the trucks and equipment used in the program. The Streets Division asks that refuse piles not be placed near utility poles, guy wires, fire hydrants, mailboxes or other obstructions that would prevent their equipment from accessing your leaf pile.

As with snow removal, refuse piles may only be left on your own property, not the property of another, per Ordinance Sec. 19-7.  Please see the attachment for details of the ordinance.

Residents with a storm drain near their home must take special precautions not to stack debris on top of or near storm structures.  This could lead to drains backing up, causing puddling near your home, and leaves that enter the storm system polluting our waterways.  To learn more about protecting our valuable waterways, you may visit the following link - http://www.the-macc.org/watershed/overview/

For questions about the Spring Clean-Up Program, please call 616.928.2400.

Call Community & Neighborhood Services at 616.355.1330 to ask about options to dispose of yard waste/debris outside of our Fall Leaf Pick-Up and Spring Clean-Up programs.  Each resident may obtain Two (2) Project Pride coupons per year.  Those coupons may be obtained by contacting Community & Neighborhood Services.