The City of Holland is responsible for the pavement in alleys.  Please call us if you notice pavement defects.

Summer Maintenance to be done by owners/occupants -
Per Ordinance Section 19-11; Each homeowner is responsible for yard maintenance in their rear yards abutting the alley. This would include mowing the grass and removing any weeds or other vegetation that may encroach into the alley.  These areas should be maintained in the same way that you mow and maintain your front yards between the sidewalk and curb.

Winter Maintenance/plowing done by City crews-
Additionally, Ordinance Section 18-27 prohibits parking in alleys.  The City of Holland strives to clear snow and ice from alleys during winter months to maintain access to your rear yards and/or garages.  Street Department crews are unable to perform this work if vehicles, recreational vehicles, recreational equipment, utility trailers, or other items are stored in the alley.  Please keep the alleys free of these items.

Thank you for your attention to these important matters and doing your part to keep Holland clean, safe and attractive.

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