Storm Water Information

The City of Holland maintains City storm water lines and drainage structures. 

Difference Between Storm Water & Sanitary Sewer Lines

The City of Holland is responsible for storm water mains. These lines are maintained separately from sanitary mains. Storm water lines collect rain water (clear water) via drainage structures. Homeowners may have private sump connections to a storm line. A licensed contractor must obtain a working in the Right-of-Way permit prior to any connections.

This truck can suction out a structure or force water through a storm line.

Vactor Truck Used to Clean and Clear Storm Water Lines and Structures

Where the Water Goes

Lake Macatawa! Drains throughout the City are cleaned and maintained to prevent pollutants from entering Lake Macatawa. 


  • Never dump anything into a storm drain; and, if you witness this happening, report it to the City of Holland at 616-355-1330 or 616-928-2400. 
  • Remember to wash your car at either a professional car wash or on your lawn - don’t let the dirty soapy wash water enter the storm drain that drains into Lake Macatawa. Remember this "Only Rain Down the Drain!".

Boy Scout Drain Stencil Next to a DrainStorm Drain Stenciling

Help others in our community realize this important message by participating in a volunteer service activity called Storm Drain Stenciling! Storm drain stenciling is a fun, family-friendly activity that helps bring awareness to the fact that local storm drains to take water to Lake Macatawa, not to the wastewater treatment plant. To gain free access to all the materials your group needs to stencil local drains, contact Kelly at the Macatawa Watershed Project 616-395-2688 or visit Macatawa Watershed Project and select the "Watershed" tab at the top of the page.

Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary sewer mains are separate lines that collect wastewater from toilets, sinks and other (dirty water) sources. Sanitary sewer mains are maintained by the Holland Board of Public Works (BPW). Problems with Sanitary sewer should be directed to the BPW at 616-355-1520. Homeowners may not have a sump connection to a sanitary sewer line.


Stormwater Ordinance, Standards & Permit Requirements

The City of Holland has an approved Stormwater Ordinance . This ordinance references our Stormwater Standards and requires a City Stormwater Permit for developments.

Documents to Submit

Stormwater permit applicants shall submit the following for review prior to receiving a stormwater permit:

Other Supporting Documents

The following documents shall also be submitted as part of the permit process as applicable:

The application documents will be reviewed by City Engineering staff or our designated consultant.  The applicant shall allow up to 2 weeks for review of the application. Application materials must be approved by the City Engineer and all fees collected before a stormwater permit will be issued. 


A permit fee shall be submitted along with the application and supporting documents. Checks shall be payable to The City of Holland.  Most developments will require a $2,500 deposit plus a $250 flat fee.