Planning Development Guide and Applications

Thanks for your interest in making an investment within the City of Holland. This page is structured to put important resources for development projects in one place and in a convenient format. We hope this information is helpful with bringing your concept to reality. Feel free to reach out to our Senior City Planner (contact information is in the right-hand column) at any stage of the process.

The City is the first point of contact for development projects. We will be happy to work with you to navigate all development-related questions and issues, including zoning matters, site plan review, public participation, permitting processes, City-managed utilities, etc.

OncRRC Logoe your concept begins to take shape, you are encouraged to contact us and schedule a Pre-Development Meeting. The intent of the meeting is to answer any questions and assure that the concept aligns with the City’s planning and zoning ordinances. Complete the Pre-Development Meeting Checklist form and contact our Senior Planner when ready to schedule the meeting.  

The City of Holland recently passed a new, comprehensive development ordinance, called the Unified Development Ordinance, or UDO. For additional information on the UDO and to access the entire unified ordinance, please begin here.

Immediately below are all necessary applications and related forms pertaining to site plan reviews, rezoning requests, and other related processes. This section is followed by a list of key development resources. The final section on this page offers some basic information about potential financial incentives.

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Guide to Development Processes

*All applications needing to go before the Planning Commission must be submitted 28 days prior to the meeting date. You can view the meeting schedule here

Site Plan, Development Plan, or Site Condominium Review

Complete the Site Plan Review Application when seeking site plan approval. For relevant deadlines and other information, see UDO Section 39-12.05 (General Requirements for Administrative and Planning Commission Review). For a timeline summary, see Site Plan Development Flowchart.

Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Complete the Application for Rezoning form if applying for the rezoning of your property. If you are seeking site plan approval concurrently with a property rezoning, you will need to complete both applications. 

Complete the Application Form for Master Plan Amendments and Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments if applying for a Map, Text or Ordinance amendment.  

Special Land Uses

Complete the Application for Planning Commission Special Land Use Approval if applying for a use that is listed as a Special Land Use in Section 39-4.03. Refer to Section 39-12.08 for additional information and guidance.

Infill Review

Complete the Infill Review Application if applying for an infill design review. Additional information is available here.

Zoning Permits and Variances

Applications for various types of zoning permits can be found by visiting the Zoning Permits and Applications page. If you are seeking a variance from an existing code or ordinance, please visit the Board of Appeals page.

Development Resources

Financial Assistance

The City of Holland has a number of financial incentives available for certain types of developments and circumstances, including tax abatements or credits for affordable housing development, Brownfield Redevelopment, Industrial Retention and Growth, and Historic Preservation. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation offers many services and may be able to assist with a grant or loan to bridge a finance gap as well. The following links offer more information on these programs: