Infill Design Review

Infill Design Review requires plans be reviewed administratively for compliance with UDO Section 39-9.09: Infill Design Review Standards. The intent of this review is to: 

  1. Protect the visual character and economic stability of the neighborhoods located primarily within the CNR Cottage Neighborhood Residential and the TNR Traditional Neighborhood Residential Zone Districts; 
  2. Preserve and protect the public welfare and property values in these established residential neighborhoods; 
  3. Eliminate design incompatibility, promote complementary design, and enable a diversity of styles that maintain the attractiveness of the residential neighborhoods; 
  4. Provide reasonable deviations from the standards of review where necessary to include features that facilitate access to persons with disabilities or limited mobility.

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Download an Infill Review Application (PDF). Submit completed applications to Community & Neighborhood Services at

Current Infill Applications Under Review: