South Shore Village Neighborhood Area Plan


Since the 2005 South Shore Village District Enhancement Study was undertaken, the neighborhood and the broader environs have seen steady, significant changes:

  • New developments and projects (e.g. Heinz Waterfront Walkway, South Shore on Macatawa, deBoer’s Bakkerij, Port 393, Ladder Plex Businesses)
  • Recent vacancies or redevelopment opportunities
  • Recent planning initiatives (e.g. Waterfront Holland, Unified Development Ordinance, Non-Motorized Plan)

In 2015, the City of Holland designated South Shore Village as a Business Improvement District (BID) and established an appointed Board to provide oversight in the district. The Board ceased meeting for a couple years due to the pandemic, but was formally re-established and reinvigorated in 2021 to support and help guide improvements in the district.

VISION PLANReport Cover for South Shore Village Summary

The City of Holland and SSV BID Board held community engagement Open Houses during the summer of 2022 to gather neighborhood feedback to guide the future development of this unique place. Following these engagement sessions a Neighborhood Engagement, Vision, & Planning report was created. You can view the report here

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mark Vanderploeg or Steve Peterson from the Community & Neighborhood Services Department at

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