Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

Plan Overview

The Holland Moves Plan was created to identify key projects that will help create a safer non-motorized network for the City of Holland, with a focus on connecting to schools, parks, Downtown, adjacent communities, and points of interest. This plan will be a guiding document for City leadership and staff to use as it relates to prioritizing non-motorized projects, identifying and deciding on types of improvements based on best practices, and use as a resource for funding and partnership opportunities.

Plan Content

The plan was framed by stakeholder and public engagement to help provide context and guidance on challenges, goals, and opportunities for improvements. The plan builds upon previous planning efforts and significant bike and walking investments that have already been made. Holland Moves incorporates a transportation toolbox of pedestrian and bike facility types that can be utilized when making decisions on network improvements.

The Action Plan provides direction on what priority projects shouldHolland Moves Cover be implemented. Those include:

  • Filling sidewalk gaps in the eastern and western residential neighborhoods.
  • Improving connections for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Constructing multi-use paths along higher volume/speed roads where on-street bike facilities and sidewalks next to the roadway are not ideal.
  • Expanding the bike network to connect to adjacent communities and destinations. 
  • Improving safety at key intersections.

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Questions about the Plan?

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more you may reach out to Steve Peterson, Senior Planner in the Community & Neighborhood Services department at 616-355-1330 or by email to